Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy October, and Fall bucket list

I know I'm a day late but HAPPY OCTOBER!!!!! If you're like me you probably already decorated your home in either fall or Halloween themed. I don't blame you, I get all exited to start decorating for this Holiday every year so I always start early.

I haven't started to decorate the outside of my home yet because we are waiting to go pick some pumpkins, which we will probably do this weekend! as for the inside of my house I've kept it minimal I didn't go all out, not as much as I wanted to (because I love Halloween) but maybe next year I will. Here's some of the decorations I've put up.

                                              A loves these  magnets I have on our fridge

                                                                   So true^

I made a fall activities list found Here of fun things you can do with your family, and I also found this list that has some pretty fun things do to. 


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