Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy birthday to ME!!

About that time of year again!! Happy birthday to me!! I am a Libra, woo! So ever since I turned 21 I stopped "celebrating" my birthday. When I was in my late teens I would still go out with friends and do the whole party scene. Now when I celebrate my birthday I try to do more family oriented things, specially being a mom now. The last time I did anything big for my birthday was for my 21st birthday, I went with Spencer to Vegas (it's like a must, ha ha) and we had dinner a couple drinks, did some shopping, and watch a show on the strip.

This year my parents and bother came to visit so it was just us! We had a nice simple dinner at Texas Road house.
I love my little family!

i didn't even finish the whole thing but it was so yummy!

I love this guy so much, he means everything to me. He is my rock!

My sweet girl


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