Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Date night at lagoon

This past weekend Spence and I decided to change things up a bit for our date night. We usually go out once a week on the weekend and we either catch a movie and dinner, go for a walk something simple so we've been talking about going to an amusement park for a while now (since we LOVE roller coasters) and we found this amazing deal that gets us both in for the price of one. Since we've never been to Lagoon we didn't know what to expect so getting in for half the price was a perfect timing!!

The joke of the night was that I was just the right height to get in!! (I'm 5'1) 

We had so much fun, definitely glad we switched things up a bit! 

If you've never been to Lagoon and are ever in the salt lake area, it's a fun place to visit. With kids or no kids. If you are like us and don't want to spend all day walking around looking for the best rides and wasting hours in line, I GOT YOU! 
Don't take my word for it, but In my opinion these are the best rides ( if your into the bigger faster rides!) 

Wicked: the name says it all. This one is the first one we went on and we only waited about 30 minutes (well worth the wait!) it's fast, like super fast. Lots of loops. Definitely gets your heart rate going!! 

The spider: This one is different than other rides. The car you sit on spins around as it goes through loops and drops. 

Colossus: Another one that goes super fast. Lots of loops and drops. Not as heart-racing as wicked but still a good one! 

Roller coaster: This one is a very old wooden roller coaster. Probably one of the first originals. Typical roller coaster. Very bumpy but still great. 

XOXO Rachel 

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