Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Addison's 2nd Birthday pt. 2

The morning of her birthday party we went to breakfast at Ihop with the family. My parents and brothers were in town also! 

We took A for a photo shoot but she wasn't in the best mood, we tried! 

We decided to have her party at our house since it was only going to be family, and there is no way I was throwing a party outdoors in the middle of summer!

I remember telling spence that some day I wanted to get A a powered car because they are too cute and I wasn't expecting him to get one soon because they are pricy and he totally surprised us with one for her birthday!! How cute is it?

Favorite decoration for her birthday was this cute chalkboard sign that my talented brother made for A.
We found a tutorial Here

The set up we had. Backdrop is just a table cloth. DIY tissue pop poms. Scrap book paper pinwheels, also DIY.

what party is complete without these babies. Mason jars and stripped straws Here

I LOVE the "2" gold ballon

Birthday girl!!

Love this guy!

Thanks for stopping by. We had a blast celebrating her birthday. Can't wait to see what next year brings us!

XOXO Rachel 

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