Saturday, August 24, 2013

Addison's 2nd Birthday pt. 1

Every year our sweet little girls birthday comes around and every year it is the best day of my life. Nothing better than to celebrate an amazing gift we got. It's always a bitter sweet day for me. I get so excited for this day that I literally start planing months in advance. This year I wanted to make it a little more intimate, sweet and simple. Last year we went all out that I didn't really get to enjoy it so this year I wanted to be part of everything and made sure A was happy!

 On her actual birthday addison woke up to a surprise from her dad, that was very thoughtful, he woke up extra early to make sure she had something to wake up to!!  Such a great dad.

On Spencers lunch we met up in downtown to have lunch together. We just went to Applebees no big thing. As long as we are together it's special.

For her birthday we also decided to get her ears pierced (long overdue) I don't know why I didn't do it sooner but we finally did. A lot of people say not to do them at this age because they can tug on them or whatever, but so far so good. A knows she has earrings but she won't touch them. I did some research before I actually decided to get them pierced and with some advice from my mom, I made up my mind. On our way to claire's we gave A some tylenol for the pain (just in case) and the whole ride I was freaking out and soo nervous that she was gonna cry. I felt like a horrible mother and just told my self that A would thank me for it. Once we were there I talked to that sales associate and decided to go with these small crystal daisies, originally I wanted the dainty small diamond earrings but the lady suggested to go with the flat daisy so it wouldn't get caught on anything. Made sense to me! We went on with the piercing and yes, she did cry I didn't get as emotional as I thought I would but we were excited. She looks adorable with them. She got over it real quick. Glad we went with the decision and not wait any longer.

That evening we got her a cupcake all to herself and let her have it. 

Her dress was from a local boutique. crown made by me Here. Shoes from gymboree.

We had an amazing day and so did our little girl!

XOXO Rachel

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