Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pudding Popsicles

So now that we have officially hit the 100 plus degree weather in Utah we are trying anything to stay cool, when it comes to food, here in the Beal house we LOVE ice cream, otter pops any frozen goodies really! One day I was serving A some pudding with her lunch and I thought about freezing it like a popcicle and see if she'd like it

So here's what you need
Jell-o pudding (I got sugar free)
A container that you can freeze them in I don't have a fancy one I got this one at Walmart. 
Some bowls for mixing 
2 zip lock bags

Milk 1 1-2 cup for each different mix 
This is a cup less than the mix requires it makes it richer and creamier this way.

Separate the filling in different bowls and mix in the milk

It should look creamy like this
After your mixture is ready, spoon them in your zip lock backs it makes it easier to fill them in the containers.

Now they are ready to freeze.
                    A loved them. 

XOXO Rachel 

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