Thursday, July 18, 2013

DIY Lace Crown

I found the cutest  DIY lace crown on this site Joyfolie and I thought it would be the perfect accessory that Addie could wear on her birthday!

My version:

Supplies: lace fabric, fabric stiffener, gold paint, gold glitter, hot glue gun, wax paper, embellishment, 2 brushes. I bought everything at Hobby Lobby except paper and glue gun which I had on hand

The kind of lace I got was pretty thin, So that it would stiffen faster

 Start by placing a piece of wax paper down where you will be working. Size and cut to desire length. I cut an inch longer than her head circumference just to be safe.

 Start applying the fabric stiffener all over. Depending on the stiffness you want you might have to apply a few more coats.
Once it's completely dry you can start applying the paint

I decided to go with gold since it will tie in with her birthday colors. Make sure you paint both sides of the lace and let that dry.

 The second coat of paint is when I added the glitter before it completely dried so that it could stick.

I hot glued the ends together and attached this pink number "2"

After trying different methods of how to keep it on her head, I went with a plain black headband. I just hot glued the side ends of the crown to the headband

Thanks so much for stopping by!

                                                     XOXO Rachel

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