Thursday, June 27, 2013

DIY high waisted/distressed denim short

High waisted distressed denim shorts!! Try saying that 5 times ha!  I've been seeing these cute short all over stores and online, but why buy them when they are super easy to make! Under $10! and you can add your own style to them.

Materials needed:
*women's pants. try getting them a size or two bigger than your normal size.
also make sure they are loose fitting from the thigh and leg area

Begin by putting your pants on and marking where you want to cut, cut a little lower than you think just incase it's too short and you can't go back once you have cut into the pants.
Also cut the pant leg into an angle going higher towards your outer thigh.
Fold your pant leg that you just cut over the other and cut along.
try them back on to make sure they are even and you are comfortable with the length.
Now the fun part, distressing
take your blade (be careful, it is very sharp) and a piece of card-stock paper

Place the paper inside the short so that once you start cutting it doesn't cut through your shorts.
press down pretty hard and start slicing. Try to cut parts that would seem to get distressed naturally over time. the penny pocket

the back pockets
Once you are done cutting throw them in the wash. Wash and dry them completely twice.
I decided to add studs to my shorts. I bought these at hobby lobby.
they are pretty easy to put on. Just punch through the material and fold opposite directions.
The inside will look like this. 
It does bother to wear like this so I added some fabric to cover this part up. 

Some Inspiration 

XOXO Rachel

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