Monday, June 17, 2013

A "Fill You In"

Most people don't know (unless you're a close friend/family) but I have two step kids, so they are my husbands kids from a previous relationship he was in. Long story short we haven't seen them in a LONG time because they live thousands of miles away. So finally they will get to come out to Utah this summer so we can spend some much needed time with them!

We are really excited, specially Spencer! It will also be the first time that Addison will get to meet her half brother and sister! (how sad is that, they haven't met) but we are  SO EXCITED, we have so much planned for them. They will be here in july and it will be Destani's (the oldest) birthday on the 2nd. We also leave for a family vacation that same night can't wait!!

Here they are A LONG time ago...

 They were soo little!

Cant wait to let you know how our summer is going..

XOXO Rachel

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