Friday, May 31, 2013

SoCal Mini Vacation

This past weekend we went to Los Angeles to get away for a little bit and to visit some family. When we went to california for A's First birthday we planned on visiting the California Science Center but ended up making other plans. So this time around we had to take her.

I grew up in Los Angeles so I've been to the museum before and I still love it!

If you are ever in the downtown LA area the California Science Center is definitely a place to check out!

 At the entrance they have this area where mist come out A loved it.

 At the bodyworks exhibit they have a 50ft body simulator named Tess. It explains how your body goes through homeostasis.
 On the other side of the chick display they have eggs and you can watch them hatch, if you are there are the right time of course.

In this top picture the poor little guy somehow rolled over on it's back and could not get back up, I felt so bad for it.

They had different rooms that showed the different ecosystems, so the top picture with the tortoise was the desert and this bottom picture showed the freezing temperatures.

 They had a wall with ice/snow

The walk through aquarium was really cool!

 Of course she love it, and it was well worth it to see the smile on her face.
XOXO Rachel

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