Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day!!

Made it through my second Mother's Day and I have my beautiful daughter and husband to thank for it.  I had such an amazing day,  they both made my day extra special! We just spend the whole day hanging out together. We didn't do anything with our parents because spencer's parents live four hours away, and my parents were in California visiting more family. So it was a little bit of a downer that we didn't get to see our Mothers this day but we had a great time just us three as a family!

I feel that because of my daughter I am who I am, everyday she brings out the best in me and I try to be the best mom I can for her. I was especially thankful for her on Mother's Day!

First, are my amazing gifts I got from both Addie and spence! I was not expecting them to go out this much for me. I was definitely surprised and I LOVED everything!

The watch is extra special because it was engraved with "forever and always"

My beautiful family! 

Dinner at Happy Sumo to end the day with! 

Hope every mother out there had a wonderful time!!

XOXO Rachel

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