Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We are on our way to souther California, Los Angeles to be exact. We are excited because the weather is suppose to be really nice, at least I'm hoping it is!

My phone app says it should be around the 70s so that should be nice.


We are driving from st. george, UT to Los Angeles, CA which is about a 6 hr drive, and with a toddler it can seem way longer than that. Addison is 18 months now and cant sit in a car for that long so we try to take things that will keep her entertained. 

She had my moms tablet here. 

some of the things I pack for her include: 
Plenty of snacks that she likes, and special ones that she doesn't get to have often
Her favorite toy or toys, sometimes buying a new toy will help keep her distracted longer. 
We have a dvd player in our car so this helps out A LOT, getting a new movie she hasn't seen works too
I bring along her favorite blanket and pillow for when she wants to nap.
A sippy cup with juice, water, etc 

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