Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our trip to Los Angeles

We were out in Los Angeles, CA for a week and I already miss the family and the warm weather!!

Santa Monica beach/The Pier

     It was such a nice day out. Too bad we didn't have beach wear or we would have been in the water.

Addison got on a ride for the first time and she love it! 

                                This is when we went to downtown disney. We were considering going into the actual park but decided not to since addison is still pretty small, we would't make it all day with her so it  would be a waste.

 and of course we had to get her a souvenir. She picked out this minnie that lights up and spins around

           The best part about going to LA is visiting the family. Here is my grandma, mom, myself, and addison, four generations!

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