Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter crafts

This is what Addison came up with as her easter craft. she hand printed two eater bunnies. we used foam letters ( purchased at the dollar store) to spell out "happy easter"
inside of card (above pic)

These are the supplies we used. Pretty much all was purchased at the dollar store, except the paint, we got that at hobby lobby. 

                                This is her work station ha!

     First I let her scribble with different colored paints and a paint brush all over a blank paper.

                                                                 She loves it!

So intensely painting!

when she was done, I let it dry. Then after I helped her cut 3 different "egg shapes" out. kinda lop sided 

Then we glued those to the front of construction paper to make a card! 

                            outside of card (above pic)

XOXO rachel

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