Monday, March 11, 2013

DYI no sew T-shirt makeover

spencer has a ton of shirts he doesn't wear anymore, so I usually wear them to sleep in. They are very loose fitting on me, so the other day I decided to cut one up and see how it turned out......I've seen a lot of different tutorials online. So I just free handed mine and went with it. So it's not perfect.
.......This is what I got.
                                               I started with a shirt and some scissors
                                    I cut off the sleeves, neckline, and shoulder hem line
 I cut the back part of the sleeves more to make a lower swoop, also to make it easier to twist the back part, you'll see on the next step.
     Then I took the back part of the shirt lift it and give it a twist or two. Then take the shoulder parts back to meet the front of the shirt.
 You can usually sew this part back but I wanted to make it quick and easy, so I just decided to tie the shoulders together. Once you have a secure knot, pull to make it tighter.
  this is how the back looks like. really easy.. You can wear it to workout in with a sport bra underneath. 

                                                        hope you enjoy
                                                         xoxo rachel

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