Saturday, March 30, 2013

DIY Easter basket

I'm so excited for easter this year because Addie is old enough to carry her own basket and she understands that she can pick up the eggs to fill her basket. 

I saw a ton of really cute easter baskets at different stores, but I decided not to buy a pre made one. Since we're taking A to different events I knew it was going to be a special easter. So I wanted to make her basket special with love and meaning. 

After looking at different types of baskets, with different colors, sizes, and decorations, I decided on having it personalized with her initial on it and the two main colors Teal and hot pink, which also match her outfit! 

These are the supplies I used. I got a plain basket but spray painted it before I took the picture. So you would need: A basket 
          spray paint
               hot glue/gun

First I spray painted the basket because it was plain wicker. 

Then I started to add feather around the top border

All around like this

To personalize it I got this glittery teal foam "A" from local craft store. 

I added ribbon of coordinating colors to both sides of the basket.

First I added this thick yellow ribbon tied like a bow and I added a dab of hot glue to make sure it stays put.

Then I tied the other ribbons with the pattern on also applying glue to secure them

    When I was done I thought the inside looked plain so I got some fabric scrap I had laying around and glued it all around the inside. 

I thought it matched the "easter" themed and the colors went well with it.

So this is it all put together, I think it turned out great!

XOXO rachel

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