Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY chunky necklace

  I've been noticing a lot of these necklaces starting to get popular, specially on little girls and they look super cute on them. They vary anywhere from $12-30. But before I spent that kind of money on one, I wanted to make sure addison would like them or even keep it on. So I decided to try and make my own. What better timing that easter so it can complete her easter outfit!

 Materials needed: Chunky beads (they vary in sizes. I'm not sure what size I got, just depends what you like) scissors, ribbon, stretch magic cord (1mm) jump rings, hot glue/gun 
Step 1
I lost the picture of when I started, but to give you an idea I tied a jump ring to one end of the cord and I used a dab of hot glue to secure the end. 
I measured and cut the cord at 12 inches because I will be using ribbon (you'll see in a later step) to finish and tie it together. 

                                                                           Step 2
Start adding the beads in a pattern of your choice. Since this was my first time making a necklace I wasn't sure what patterned I liked best so I switched it up as I went. Once you've added all your beads and get to the other end of the cord, tie the another jump ring to the end and secure with glue like the first end. (It will look like the above picture.)

                                                     This is the progress so far (above pic)

                                                                           Step 3

Measure and cut the ribbon depending on how long you want your necklace to be. Tie one end of the ribbon to a jump ring, secure it with some hot glue also. (Since it's going on my toddler I was afraid she would yank on it hard enough to rip, so you can never be too safe)

                                                   This is how it look all finished.

I think she loves it! 

                                                           xoxo rachel



  1. Where did you get your beads?!

  2. How long is your necklace?

    1. Not including the ribbon just the bead part is 12 inches, you can make it longer depending on how long you make the ribbons :) xoxo


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