Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's Day crafts

Can't believe how fast january flew by us! but february is finally here which means LOVE is in the air! I'm excited for this month because Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays! I'm all about romance and anything love, so valentines is in full swing here at the Beal residence.

Of course now that I have a toddler I have an excuse to make crafts for every holiday and to decorate around the house. So Addi and I decided to make some gifts for spence.
 For her fist craft we made a Valentine frame... You can buy it at target in the dollar section, it comes with all the materials. All you have to do is put it together and add your picture!
 Her second craft was a stamped art. You can use an empty paper roll and shape it into a heart. ( thank you pinterest)

                                          Getting messy!
 Last, but not least we made handprint art! this is our favorite kind of way to make art. Originally it was suppose to be a red and pink hand print, but as you can see the pink didn't work out to well so we did red on top again. It was suppose to look like a heart shape (which it doesn't)  but it's not about making it perfect as long as we had fun doing it!
                        End results!  Hope spence likes them, they were made from the heart!

                                                  Hope you guys enjoy!    xoxo

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