Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OKC thunder basketball game

Last night we went out for a pre-valentines date night. Spencer and I are big OKC Thunder fans and we were supper excited that they were playing here in Utah. It was the Utah Jazz vs. OKC Thunder game, and it was my first time EVER going to a live game!

 We didn't really have it planned to go watch this game because tickets might be sold out or we would have to sit in the upper bowl, but we ended up finding really good seats for a good price in the lower bowl so we couldn't pass it up!
Spencer got me this jersey like two years ago for valentines and I HAD to wear it! 
                                            Pretty good seats if you ask me
 Being at an actual game is so intense, I love the feeling of being there and having people around cheering for the same team, and of course more than half the arena cheering for the opposite team!
                                              He was super excite!

So this was our date night
Hope you enjoy 
XO Rachel

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