Friday, September 14, 2018

Making Memories with KiiPix

Thank you Kiipix for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

The first week in August we took a trip to SoCal to visit some family and to also celebrate Addis birthday. We also threw in a quick trip to Disneyland park because I didn't want to miss the Pixar celebration. If you went to the Pixar celebration then you know what I mean when I say it was not something to be missed. 

I'm working on sharing all about that trip and I will share that with you soon! 

For now, I wanted to talk about preserving those memories that we make with our kids. Taking photos is just not enough. While I take a million photos of our family a few of those special moments make it print. A few years ago, if you asked me why don't I print photos I would have said because they take up too much space. Fast forward to now, I wish I would have made tons more albums of our family photos. It might sound old school to some but the idea of having something printed makes a lot more sense now. It will definitely last longer and I don't have to worry about potentially losing those memories forever. Technology has definitely come along way but it is also changing constantly. I have family photos saved in cd's but no one uses those anymore. So print is always a good idea. 

Printing photos online can seem like a hassle. you have to order them and wait or sometimes go into a store and pick them up. Which is not that bad but if you are like me, time is of the essence and instant is better. When I was introduced to my newest obsession, the Kiipix from TOMY I was so excited. I couldn't wait to start printing photos straight from my phone. It is so easy and super convenient. There are no extra apps required, no batteries either. All you need is your Kiipix printer and film, NO WIFI! Get your Kiipix which are available on Amazon. 

Another great thing about my mini printer is that since you don't need extra apps or accessories, it makes it super portable to make the printing and sharing so much better. It folds flat for the best compact size. The availability to print mini polaroids is great, I was thinking of adding them the mini polaroids as gift tags to presents! So neat, huh!? Get your Kiipix and let's get printing!

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

We Are Expecting!!

Hi, Freinds! It has been a while since I have been on here and I have missed it so much. A lot of things have changed within the last couple of months. I took a hiatus for a few months because I wanted to focus a little more on being a mom. THen summer came along and we got extremely busy. Mixed in with all the fun and crazy we got some crazier new that we are expecting Baby BEal #3!! we were definitely so so surprised. It was not planned or expected but the more we think about it, it seems that this baby needed to come onto our family and needless to say, we are beyond thankful and blessed. Thank you all for your beautiful comments and support since our announcement.

We are choosing to keep the gender a little secret, a little longer..sorry!

I am now at that middle point..we hit 20 weeks.YAY!! And I have finally started to buy some baby items.

We also have a name that we are trying to figure out if we fully love it.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Has Sprung at Neiman Marcus

Even though it is a rainy day today here in Las Vegas, that is not that case at Neiman Marcus of Las Vegas. I recently had an amazing time at Neiman Marcus, at this amazing influencer event that a local blogger, Christie Moeller put together. Neiman Marcus is in full swing Spring there and I am loving the bright bold colors and prints they have for the season. What is your favorite spring trend that you will be trying out this season? 

The most amazing bites and drinks ever. This Green Mariposa drink was the perfect start to spring. Sweet and fruity. check them out at NM Cafe

Mens Must Haves This Season

The Bold Blazer. In unexpected shades, it becomes a pivotal piece in any spring wardrobe. 
Logo Mania. More is more this season when it comes to bold logos. 
Short-Sleeve Shirts. Refresh this classic silhouette with prints, checks, and Hawaiian-inspired motifs. 
Shorts. A winning stand-in for your go-to denim or chinos. 
Tracksuits. Lead the pack in bright primaries and a slim-not slouchy-fit. 
Statement Sneakers. High-top or low-top, make sure they're over the top. 
Oversize Aviators. GO big or go home in this classic shades shape. 
The New Denim. Dark, raw, or white, the newest denim has a decidedly '90s pov. 

Women's Must Haves This Season 

Brights. Punchy pinks, sunny yellows, and more eye-catching hues to brighten your look. 
Statement Sleeves. Striking details and oversized proportions are the new statements. 
Floral Dresses. A colorful soring bouquet offers a feminine and versatile palette. 
Stripes. Reimagine the classic pattern in graphic arrangements. 
Soft Sunnies. Soft-tint lenses give off major retro vibes. 
The Pointed Toe. Tapered, elegant, and to the point. 
Logo Bags. Bold logos have reemerged as a way to make a fashion-savvy statement. 
Rainbow Jewelry. Accessories dazzle in kaleidoscope of colors. 
Sparkle and Glitter Glam. Think shimmery lips and glitter-coated lids. 

Check out Neiman Marcus out for yourself and shop all the 2018 spring trends. 3200 s Las Vegas BLVD, Las Vegas NV 89109

XO, Rachel